Jasmine Conway

Jasmine Conway is a survivor of human trafficking, and she has spent most of her career advocating for survivors through individualized case management and consulting with service providers as a lived-experience expert.  Jasmine’s directly impacted experience, combined with her academic and professional expertise, has uniquely positioned her to foster the personal development of other survivors.  She is able to facilitate rapport-building between service providers and survivors, resulting in increased survivor engagement and retention.

Jasmine’s personal and professional experiences navigating housing, social, and legal services are what led to the creation of OneSurvivortoAnother, a peer coaching, and systems advocacy consulting firm.  Jasmine has tailored solutions to address the individual needs of survivors, educated the public on awareness and prevention of human trafficking, and collaborated with service providers and organizations to implement measures that improve outcomes for survivors.

Jasmine’s latest work is From One Survivor to Another, a personal memoir and call to action regarding preventing and healing from sex trafficking.

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