Ruth Okoirhon

Ruth Okoirhon is a Communications Specialist, Development Professional, and Migration Advisor. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and certifications in Sexual Minority Rights, Gender Sensitive Reporting, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. She has been working with women migrants over the years; providing psychosocial support to potential victims of trafficking and survivors, in their origin country. She conducts events to raise awareness on labor & sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and the risks of irregular migration.

She holds face-to-face counseling with potential victims of human trafficking and survivors; in addition to supporting them in their exploration of livelihood alternatives. She also volunteers for a couple of women-focused NGOs leading the campaign against child labor, sexual & gender-based violence, irregular migration, and human trafficking. She is passionate about the socio-economic development of women and girls in the African region. She believes that women and girls should not be limited or held back from achieving their full potential.